Legacy: OURPGSoc Society Game 2006-2007

House Vinka


House Vinka, newest of the Noble Houses, have already formed a strong tradition of respecting the wishes of the common people they govern. Uniquely amongst the Houses, each member of House Vinka is designated a member of the governing household on a single planet and can be removed from their office by a simple vote of the planet’s elected representatives. Of course, some of the more traditional Nobles have said that success in House Vinka is now little more than a matter of sating the desires of the mob, but the House believe that the only effective governance is one which is accountable to the people.


The House was formed in the crucible of Forlox; a planet destroyed by those who chose to meddle with the awesome power of the Legacy. An explosion at a power cell Autofactory on one of House Ditix’s major Factory Worlds almost tore the planet asunder and left the world uninhabitable.

After the disaster the UIC investigation into the incident confirmed that the Technologists were not scheduled to operate the factory during the week of the explosion and concluded that House Ditix were responsible. Gyran Ditix surrendered to the mercy of the Emperor, accepting the exile his of his family and dissolution of his House without question or comment. In the aftermath of the Hollann war, a bevy of new evidence concerning the case came to light, but the rebuilding UIC were unwilling to take the investigation forward.

With the dissolution of House Ditix, Emperor Lystra IV decreed that their governorship should be succeeded by a new House formed by Ingvild Vinka, one of his closest non-House advisors in Court. Vinka was pleased with her appointment and governed the expanding house steadily through the Hollann war, stepping down in favour of the rising star Caden Daleara Vinka.

The House Today

Caden’s greatest reform was to allow the elected representatives of each planet to remove members of each planet’s Governor’s Household from office and formally place each Noble of the House into one planet’s Household. This means in practice that even military commanders and historians can be removed from their position if their deeds prove to unpopular, though obviously the House’s politicians have most to fear from the wrath of the masses. Caden’s justified their new-found precarious position to the Nobles by asserting that it would not be honourable for the House to ignore the will of the common people, something that all accepted (albeit reluctantly in some cases).

In 639EY, the planet Besodra voted to remove the entire Governor’s Household after a food shortage due to pirate attacks on transports led to a famine. Caden deemed that only the Governor, Efi Solvarr Vinka, was responsible and allowed the other Nobles to join Households on other planets.

Now, Caden has stepped down in favour of his son Caine, a young and dynamic new leader. Caine Daleara has not yet made his mark on the House, but trouble is already brewing on Diligence, a newly integrated Hollann world where the House is loathe to abolish the local customs of blood sports, much to the disgust of many in Court.

The commoners governed by the House are relatively well looked after. Each planet has a body of elected representatives along with near universal suffrage. These representatives normally have their views considered by the planet’s Governor due to the system of allowing them to remove a Governor they find unreasonable. Thus on many of the more developed planets, the standard of education is quite high, with a large proportion of the populace learning to read and write. On more productivity focussed planets (such as Mining and Agri worlds) the standards of education tend to be much lower, with representatives more concerned with whether the Governor has secured enough imports to survive without rationing or famine.

Notable Planets

Nymek – The House capital is a Mix world at the centre of Ditix territory. A world increasingly given over to pleasurable pursuits, the most important members of the House are retained by the Governor’s Household here. Indeed the leadership of the House has historically been tied to Governorship of Nymek, so Caine Daleara Vinka’s position as leader may be as tenuous as that of any of his Governors.

Diligence – This recently integrated former Hollann Mix world is highly productive, although the local traditions of biennial blood sports are already causing problems for the Governor.

Besodra – This world is classed as a Death world due to the vast deserts across large stretches of the planet's surface. However, small areas are habitable and the planet has quite a wealth of mineral resources along with the amazing medicinal properties of the venom of the Besodran Viper, which are a major ingredient of many Empire remedies.

Forlox – Formerly a Factory world but now rendered uninhabitable by disaster. In recent years, people passing nearby have seen what they describe as “tendrils of dark energy” emanating from the planet. Expeditions to the surface are very infrequent and highly dangerous. The Sentinels of the Veil have conducted research into Forlox, but they keep their findings to themselves.

Salkim – Agri World. The site of the first meeting with the Triquetra, Salkim has now become a hub for trade with this alien empire. Salkim is also the site of many of the House's movie production studios, with only the Karpeer world of Ayvonia boasting more facilities.

Korian – Mining world whose space docks are maintained as a free port to ease trading with the League of Free States. These docks are sometimes seen as a hive of scum and villainy, but Governor Helf Solvarr Vinka tolerates minor infractions in exchange for the wealth of information which his Household can glean.

Sernsimir – Heavily forested Death world notable for its rampant and aggressive insect life. Onloxian Skyspiders were introduced in 647EY and though they have made several insect species extinct, the number of Skyspiders continues to rise in spite of the predictions made by Governor Bera Thadena Vinka. The planet has a number of Legacy ruins, though these have not been properly excavated due to the hostile environment. Governor Bera is a keen zoologist, but she has not been allowed to retain a Household as the planet’s only inhabitants are her researchers.

Ryebah – Agri world with a strong military tradition. The populace is not easily swayed by recreational pursuits and craves news of military success. The House has established bases for the training of elite Marines and their officers here and many young Captains are assigned to Governor Oli Thadena Vinka’s Household.

Torvan – Factory world discovered in 617EY. At the time, it was very important in reducing the House's reliance on imports of Energy Cells and remains an important source of these ubiquitous items.

Ashmedai – Mining world named in honour of Dorian Ashmedai Vinka. It was discovered in 617EY from starmaps discovered by Jonas Georg Vinka and despite its large mineral wealth few Governors have remained in the post for long due to a restless and demanding populace.