Legacy: OURPGSoc Society Game 2006-2007


The Forerunners spread their civilisation across the vastness of space; from one end of the galaxy to the other, they lived and thrived. Their technology was advanced beyond imagining, built to last for years beyond number.

And it has...

The Forerunners are gone, and now men have risen to walk in their footsteps, or more accurately, to steal their boots.

The Lystran Empire spans hundreds of planets across immeasurable space. Amongst green fields, men toil and crops grow. In crowded cities the clamour of industry begins to fill the air. And in ships controlled by principles far beyond the understanding of their crew, mankind travels between the stars. Five Noble Houses govern billions of lives, under the watchful gaze of the Imperial House. The members of these mighty Houses are an elite unparalleled in their fortune; through the gifts of the Forerunners they live as near immortals, for only age will ever claim them. Now, in the grand Court a chosen few meet to decide upon the course that will determine the fate of an Empire. It is an Empire built upon aspirations to greatness, on the love of honour and upon a dream that one day they will be proof worthy of all they have inherited. That one day they will truly come into their

== LEGACY ==

The Game

Legacy is the Oxford University RPGSoc Society Game for 2006/2007, with meetings on Tuesdays in Full Term between Trinity 06 and Hilary 07. The Society Game is open to all (i.e. you don't have to be a member of the University of Oxford) and you can join the game at any time; just email the organisers at one of the two addresses below for more details.

Important Notes:

  • Don't hesitate to email us if there is anything that you don't follow.
  • Please join the mailing list for the game at rpgsocs@maillist.ox.ac.uk as in game announcements such as last minute venue changes will be made there. Instructions for doing this can be found here.


  • GM means Game Master and refers to a member of the team of organisers. This term is designed to make them feel in control but in reality, they rarely are.
  • PC means Player Character and refers to a character in the game portrayed by one of the players (i.e. you).
  • NPC means Non Player Character and refers to a character in the game portrayed by one of the GMs.
  • IC means In Character and refers to things in the game world. Much of this website is written IC.
  • OOC means Out Of Character and refers to things which are real.

The GM Team consists of: Mark Jenkins, Gareth Jenkins-Jones, Tamsin Mehew, John Reynolds and Joe Williams. Feel free to speak to any GM whenever you need assistance, but understand that knowledge of the game is held collectively by the Team so they may need to consult the Team before they can answer your query. Bearing this in mind, if you're making contact by email the team can be contacted at either rpgsocgm at maillist.ox.ac.uk or gm-team at legacy-empire.org.uk (obfuscated addresses - make the obvious corrections).

We'd also appreciate it if you would CC all in-character communications to one of the above lists so that we can try to keep a track of which people are making arrangements with each other.

Having read this, you probably want to go next to either the Setting Introduction, or the OOC Notes.