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Imperial House Lystra


Although not the founder, the main defining character in the House’s history is Farron Lystra, whose name is known throughout the empire as the man responsible for the change in leadership of the Empire from House Truniss to House Lystra in 288EY.

Farron Lystra didn’t just define his house though; much of the definition of the Empire can be attributed to him. His vision of impartial Guilds to study the technology of the Legacy (the Technologists) and to hold the Preservation machines in safekeeping (the Chirurgeons) still stands today. Farron originally named these Guilds Independent, but this was seen to hinder the inclusion of the Nobles who might join the Guilds and hinder the integration of the Guilds into Imperial society as a whole. Thus the Guilds were named Imperial by Empress Roweena in 634EY, with all important Technologists and Chirurgeons adopting a Noble House.

The delicate balance that was re-struck between the Imperial House and the other Houses has stood to this day. The Imperial House still has fewer direct holdings than any other House. In a way, they don’t need as many as other Houses since they claim taxes from the other Houses to help run the Empire and the Imperial House. However, the lack of direct resources is an implicit statement that they exist because they are supported by the other houses. They are also unique amongst the Houses in that their capital is not on one of their few planets but is, in fact, one of the City Ships, the Imperial Dream, which can usually be found orbiting one of House Lystra's planets.

Usually an Emperor is nominated to take over the position by their predecessor. Except in unusual circumstances, the emperor has been succeeded by one of his children. Historical precedent has also been set that says that if no heir is appointed, the Emperor's oldest child should assume the position; this happened in the case of Emperor Xanolph, who was only 9 years old at the time after the early death of his father Gaven from an unusual heart condition which neither the Chirurgeons nor the Preservation devices could cure. Supported by a regent until he was 16, Xanolph led the Empire through the Hollann War and retired shortly afterwards following the attempted coup by Daryoon Machello.

The House Today

The Empress Roweena succeeded Xanolph in 623EY and proved to be a strong leader. Roweena's moves to make the Guilds of Technologists and Chirurgeons Imperial and her rumoured hand in selecting the head of the ARC (the organisation overseeing the newfound Aaron's Roads transportation network) led several in Court to see her as merely grabbing power for the Imperial House, though few dared to say it and those who did were unable to best the Imperial Advocate to prove the honour of their claims.

Roweena was forced to step down due to ailing health in 652EY in favour of her son Adony. Many felt it was unusual that Roweena also suffered from an illness that the Chirurgeons could not cure and wondered quietly whether the Imperial line was beginning to falter.

Emperor Adony is currently only 25 and is unmarried, with his older brother Tividar set to succeed him if the worst should happen. Having been Emperor for only 8 years Adony has not had a large impact on the House and Empire to date.

Notable Planets

Ekor – A Mix world which is home to the Imperial School of Psychic Study.

Sulidae – The Imperial Prison Planet, Sulidae is a Death world with scarifying air.

Rigel – The home of the United Imperial Constabulary, the Mix world Rigel was blockaded in 617EY by pirates who wished to make use of the Empire's only known Frigate construction facilities in the orbiting Space Docks.

Xanolph – A Factory planet which was discovered in 618EY and named in honour of the then Emperor.