Legacy: OURPGSoc Society Game 2006-2007

What's in this section?

This section contains details of the Noble Houses who govern the planets of the Empire in the name of the Imperial House, House Lystra. Each House consists of around 200 Nobles who are each Preserved and have individual wealth and status. Of those, a few dozen are important enough to be allowed to govern one or more of the 40 or so planets of various types controlled by the House. Nobles are expected to be the pinnacle of Honour but often eschew the religious beliefs of the commoners they live with.

In most Houses, Nobility is a virtue of a person's birth and as such there are often a few important families within a House. House Truniss is the most extreme example of this with only the one bloodline preserved, whilst in Karpeer the ties are much looser with members of a Noble's family not necessarily Noble themselves.

House Vinka are the newest House, created after the Forlox Incident to replace the dissolved House Ditix. House Vinka have vowed to listen to the will of the commoners they govern and Nobles of the House must give up their position if they displease the populace.

House Truniss still exists as a somewhat insular House. They are dedicated to keeping their bloodline strong and pure. Since the creation of House Vinka, Truniss have become more active, perhaps after the reminder that no House is unquestionably safe in its position. House Truniss currently boasts the largest number of psychics of any House.

The most radically changed since the foundation of the Empire is House Karpeer. Unlike the other Houses, they operate as a meritocracy. Capable people from the lower echelons of society being adopted into the High House, which became necessary as past weak rulers needed support. The House is now one of the most open minded, giving its people the chance to choose who will rule over the planet from a list of vetted nomination.

Conversely House Machello is the most traditional of the Houses. Their strong belief in the concept of honour leads them to follow the rules in spirit as well as in letter. Their honour earned them a great position of respect among the other Houses, though a Machello was responsible for a failed coup in 620EY which shattered the reputation of the House. They are highly intolerant of any who lose their honour and are ever vigilant incase this is about to occur.

House Omar stands on the opposite pole to House Machello. The most results driven of the Houses, Omar believe that their members are able to look after themselves and do not pry deeply into their activities. This used to leave a reputation for dishonour, especially when it was discovered that the dread pirate Versto Migan was infact a member of House Omar, but in recent years the House has taken a dim view of any dubious activities, even giving up its leader to the mercy of the Emperor.