Legacy: OURPGSoc Society Game 2006-2007

Organisation List

This page lists the organisations of note within and near the Empire. You may buy the Outsider Influence quirk or the Information Network quirk in all listed organisations. Unless otherwise specified, you can also buy Influence, to denote membership.(See the System for more details.)

The Noble Houses:

Every PC is a member of one House. You can start at Influence 0, or buy extra Influence. You may buy Outsider Influence or Information Network in other Houses.

Influence in your House means:

Rank 0: You are a member of the House, are Preserved and are allowed to attend Court Meetings, but the House does not value your opinion greatly.
Rank 1: You have easy access to a number of the House's reserves.
Rank 2: Your opinion has weight. A superior might forward your thoughts to the House Leader if they seem worthy.
Rank 3: Your opinion really matters - you can get an audience with the House Leader with minimal effort.
Rank 4: You are one of the few second-in-commands of the House. You talk with House Leader often.
Rank 5: You are the House Leader.

Note that Ranks 4 and 5 is off-limits at the start of the game.

There is also the Imperial House, House Lystra. PCs cannot start the game as members of the Imperial House, so Influence in them is not available.

The Imperial Guilds:

  • Imperial Guild of Merchants
    Membership (ie some rank of Influence) is legally required if you have an interstellar business in your Private Resources.
    Influence means:
    Rank 1: Trader
    Rank 2: Merchant
    Rank 3: Master Merchant
    Rank 4: Grand Master Merchant



Other Empires:

PCs cannot start the game as members of a foreign empire, so Influence is not available. Buy hidden Outsider Influence if you wish to be one of their spies or agents, but note that if people find out your Honour, position and life may be in danger.