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"Communication is the key. Let your allies know what to expect from you."
- Lenny 'The Mouth' Soreno
Each week of term time constitutes a month of game time. Between sessions your actions are governed by a turnsheet which you write and give to the GMs. Whilst writing turnsheets is generally a highly individual thing, the GMs would appreciate you reading the following notes before you ignore them completly.

Characters get one major action every week (four per turn), for preference players should state which area of the city the action takes place in and which of their stats is most relevant to the action. Additionally players may specify actions for their trusted lieutenants (if they have any).

The deadline for turnsheet submission is friday afternoon. Turnsheets should either be mailed to the GMs mailling list or put in the pigeon hole of Daniel Hemmens at Wadham College.

An example turnsheet for Bugsy Malone is shown below. Bugsy is a streetwise fixer, who works for a mob boss (Fat Sam), he has a trusted lieutenant in the form of Leroy Brown, an amateur boxer and occaisional 'Muscle', and a contacts across the city.

Subject:Example Turnsheet

Character Name: Bugsy Malone
Player Name: A.N. NPC
GM: All of them

Week 1:
Find location of Splurge INC. warehouse in Six Mile Dock district (Wire 4), if warehouse is not there expand search to surounding areas. Case the joint thoroughly.

Week 2:
Recruit some temporary heavies from the Steel Harbor district (Numbers 2, additional funding from Fat Sam).

Week 3:
Priority Action. Steal shipment of guns from Splurge INC. warehouse, and deliver them to Fat Sam. Use additional heavies recruited in week 2 and info gained in week 1 to come up with a suitable plan.

Week 4:
Take Blousy Brown out for a meal at a high class restaurant, make sure reservation is in place and get a good table (contacts 4).

Trusted Lieutenants:
Leroy: In week 3 provide additional Muscle for the raid on Splurge INC. Warehouse.

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