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"Look, don't get me wrong here, this is no decadent gang ridden hellhole, as long as you don't tread on too many toes and can look out for yourself, or have someone do it for you, then you can do well here."
- Carl Williams, Journalist.
Gangs in Silver Harbour
At first glance, Silver Harbour doesn't have the open conflict other large industrial cities have seen in recent years. Two main forces are trying wrestling for control of the lucrative illegal activites witin the city. United primarily by hatred of the opposition, the Irish and Italian mobs are very much in control of their respective territories, and constantly looking for a weakness in their opponents to exploit.

The Irish Mob
For many years the Irish mob was the only real source of criminal activity in Silver Harbour, their fingers were in every pie and their leader spent a lot of his time delegating to his various lieutenants the responsibilities for his protection, bootlegging, larceny and vice rackets. It is rumoured that his health is failing, and his lieutenants are already jockeying for position between themselves for when the old man finally dies.

The Italian Mob
In recent years, the increasing number of Italian immigrants have banded together for mutual protection from the Irish mobs. Some of these recent arrivals to our shores are also following the darker path to the American Dream and the new Italian mob is quickly growing as it capitalises on the Irish mobs complacancy. It is stronger in the southern part of the citys new slum areaswhere many immigrants find their first home.

Gang Etiquette
Despite their intense hatred of each other, the rival gangs have arrived at a mutually observed ettiquette, which is respected by both sides in this often bitter conflict. The majority of this is based on the dealings with those outside of the gangs sphere of influence, and is enforced primarily to keep the local populace from turning against the gangs which rely on them for their money. Ignoring them does little more than losing you the moral highground, however this can have a knock on effect on the morale of your men and their desire to follow you.

Your Responsibilities: Look after both your mob and your turf, without either of them your nobody. If you can't stop somebody messing with them then you should be in another line of work. Similarly don't be greedy, the city is a large place and there are plenty of opportunities for the up and coming mobster to make his mark, if you try and take them all you will overstratch yourself and find your career pretty short.

Justifiable Actions: Don't go and have people rubbed out just because you can. If you want to have someone whacked then make sure you've got a reason. Things tend to escalate and you don't want an all our war for no good reason.

The cops:
Bribe them by all means, but don't interfere with them unless they mess with you first. Actually killing a cop for the sake of it is a really bad idea, most people who have done so have been eliminated by their own gang to stop the retribution of the entire police force being brought down on them. Similarly dealing with the police at any level beyond bribery is frowned upon, nobody likes a snitch. They don't tend to live long once people figure out that the money is flowing from the Police.

The Church:
One word here, Respect. Both the Irish and Italian populations have a strong Catholic background. The Church is protected by most gangs and by the legitimate authorities. Killing a Priest is unheard of.

The Black Rose
It is considered bad form to kill someone without warning, it's practically murder. It is considered polite to let someone know that a contract has been placed on them, giving them a chance to either mend their ways, leave town or put their affairs in order.

There has been a fashion of late for sending black roses to the victim-to-be, it makes up in style what it lacks originality.

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