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"There are a million stories in the naked city. Most of them are quite dull. The ones we're talking about, however, aren't."
- Barman at Joe's.
Vendetta is the current Oxford University Role Playing Games Society Society Game and is open to all members of the society.

This game will run during the Michaelmass 2000 and Hilary 2001 terms. A shorter, one term game took place in the Trinity term of 2000, it is not necessary to have played in the first game to take place in the second.

Vendetta is set in the fictional American city of Silver Harbor, a busy port on America's eastern seaboard. It is the early 1930s, and the years of prohibition, followed by the financial ruin of the depression years, have seen many power struggles between not only the police and the bootleggers, but also between the various gangs. The conflict between Italian and Irish mobs have left openings which a number of people have exploited; from legal entrepreneurs to petty criminals.

Character Generation
If you want to play in Vendetta you will need to create a character.

The game doesn't require players to have an indepth knowledge of 1930's America. The following links provide some information which give a feel for the city of Silver Harbor and the various groups which players' characters might choose to be a part of.

A few words on Joe's, the location for our meetings.
Silver Harbor, like any city, has its own history.
Descriptions of the various districts of Silver Harbor, complete with a map.
A variety of gangs and organisations vie for power within the city.
Recent in-game events are covered in the News.
More indepth information on the 1930s can be found here.
Actions between meetings are governed by turnsheets given to the GMs.

Contact Information
Email addresses for GMs and players can be found on the contacts list.

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