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"You get types from all walks of life there, Cops rubbing shoulders with guys they've been itching to put away for years, politicians trying the hell to make sure none of the journalists see them, or that if they do they've got a good cover story. Hell you get priests in there, lawyers, old soldiers, mob heavies."
- Daniel Harris, Policeman.
The City Council
A hotbed of politics and intrigue where corrupt councillors vie for bribes from local businessmen on the lookout for lucratve city contracts. Whilst not all members of the local government are corrupt, those that aren't in somebodies pocket tend to be in the minority. The majority believe they are working for the good of Silver Harbor, but see nothing wrong with making sure that this work is also for the good of themselves and their business associates.

The Police Force
Contrary to the opinions of some outspoken members of the council, and to the dissapointment of many a mob boss, the average cop does not take bribes from every hoodlum he meets on a street corner. However years of trying to enforce laws which border on the ridiculous, and frequently contradictory State and Federal edicts have left a formerly respectable and efficient force in the grip of low morale. Many cops are on the take to supplement their meagre wages, they tend to be loyal to those who bribed them first, as opposed to those who bribed them most. Remember there are some crimes that no amount of money will make someone overlook.

The Church
As with many American cities, a wide variety of faiths are placed under the umbrella definition of "Catholic." There as many differences within the religeous community of Silver Harbor as there are in the cosmopolitan nature of it's criminal organisations, however the majority of the priests have made it part of their work to encourage peace and tolerance amongst the various communities. This has met with varying degrees of success in different quarters, but more than one messy confrontation has been avoided with some choice diplomacy from the men of god (backed up with some face to face meetings at Joe's).

The Barrington Club
Named after one of Silver Harbors founding fathers, this exclusive gentlemens club is a haven for the bankers, developers, stockbrokers and other members of the cities financial elite. Deals worth tens of thousands of dollars are discussed over a rubber of bridge, and sealed with a handshake after a round of golf. Despite snobbish attitude of the members they are widley regarded as not being as powerfull as they think they are, though they do have a lovely place to put their feet up at the end of the working day.

The Christian Womens Moral League
One of a number of groups which champions the good effects of prohibition and fights to protect the common good from depravations of the 20th century. Whilst some of these societies are little more than ladies sewing circles, some of the members of the CWML advocate sterner punishments for moral transgressors, including sterilisation for "Fornicators and adulterers." Whilst many members of the populace regard them as harmless kooks, it might be wise to remember that many viewed those campaigning fo prohibition less than 10 years ago in a similar light.

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