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A 1920s Timeline
This brief timeline illustrates some of the many events which happened in america in the years running up to our game. Whilst far from comprehensive we hope it will give a taste of the time to people wanting to play.
17th Jan Prohibition begins. The 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution goes into effect, prohibiting the making, selling, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages. See 'Prohibition'
25th Feb Passage of the Oil and Coal Land Leasing Act which opens up mineral deposits on public lands to private mining interests. Led to the 'Teapot Dome'scandal. See 'Politics'.
15th April The Sacco and Vanzetti saga begins, who many believe they were tried for their anarchist beliefs. See 'Politics'
19th May The Matewan Massacre: Violent clash between srtiking miners and mine owners which resulted in a gun battle. See 'Politics'
August The "Tommy Gun", the Thompson portable submachine gun(invented by J.T. Thompson) is demonstrated at a national gun show in Ohio. Soon to become the weapon of choice for bootlegging gangsters.
26th Aug Women's suffrage victorious; the 19th Amendent to the Constitution adopted allowing women the vote.
September "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and 7 other members of the Chicago White Sox baseball team are accused of conspiring to lose the 1919 World Series as part of a deal with gamblers. See 'Crime and Prohibition'
2nd Nov Era of democratic leadership ends in the US with the election of Republicans Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge to the presidency and vice-presidency. A period of gung-ho, laissez-faire capitalism gets underway.
2nd Nov The Westinghouse company opens radio station KDKA in Pittsburgh, commonly referred to as the first U.S. station with regularly scheduled broadcasting.
18th Feb French Aviator Etienne Oehmichen makes the first helicopter flight.
May-July Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti; they are convicted of murder on 14th July
July U.S. experiences a short but severe post-war recession; unemployment reaches 5.7 million in August
2nd July First heavyweight boxing title bout (Georges Carpenteir vs. Jack Dempsey) aired over radio. Start of most sports events being broadcast in a blow-by-blow style over the radio.
September A 'Beauty bathing' pagent is held in Atlanta, soon to become the Miss America Pengent. With the invention of the Jantzen elasticised one-piece bathing suit, this was the first to feature women in skin-tight suits with knees exposed. Reporters and photographers played up the event with sensational coverage, and it was the impetus for the swimsuit craze of the twenties.
5th Sept Arbuckle and Rappe Scandal rocks Hollywood and highlights film industry sleaze. See 'Journalism'
2nd Nov American Birth Control League formed from the merger of Margaret Sanger's National Birth Control League and Mary Ware Dennet's Voluntary Parenthood League.
5th March F.W. Murnau's horror film masterpiece Nosferatu premiers in Germany
25th March Women's fashions deemed so revealing the Catholic Pope Pius XI urges a campaign against them.
26th May Drug War begins. Federal Narcotics Control Board Established, with the power to prohibit importation of non-medicinal narcotics.
8th August Jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong, part of the great exodus of blacks from South to North, leaves New Orleans to play Jazz in Chicago with Mentor King Oliver.
16th September 'Murder of the Decade' of the Reverend Wheeler Hall and his Church choir leader Mrs James Mills heavily sensationalised and full of hystronics and an incapacitated Witness. See 'Journalism'.
21st Sept A draconian tariff act, the Ford-McCumber Tariff act, is passed in the US for imported goods.
2nd Nov The entrance to the Tomb of Tutankhamun is discovered in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt, by Howard Carter with the greatest ever find of Egyptian archiological artifacts. The excitment generated worldwide influenced even art and fashion, including Art Deco, and interest in the 'Mystic East'.
21st Nov Rebecca Latimer Felton appointed as first women senator in the U.S.
14th Jan First Wireless telephone call, sent via radio waves, made from New York to London.
2-3 May First Transcontinental airplane flight made in 26 hours, 50 minutes from New York to San Diego.
4th June Autosuggestion arrives and takes the U.S. by storm as French Psychologist Emile Coue arrives to promote his self suggestion method. Institutes are founded to teach his principles. See 'science'.
14th June Charles Francis Jerkins makes the first true television demonstration
2nd Aug President Harding dies. Calvin Coolidge takes office the next day.
13th Aug U.S. Steel institutes an 8 hour work day at the urging of the (late) president Harding. On 16th Aug., Carnigie Steel company also institues an 8 hour day.
1st Jan The crossword puzzle craze starts and by the middle of the year becomes one of the biggest fads of the 20s. See 'Fads'
12th Feb George Gershwin premiers his Rhapsody in Blue at New York City's Aeolian Hall.
16th April Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (M.G.M.) film studios founded.
10th May J. Edgar Hoover appointed director of the Scandal-plagued Bureau of Investigation (renamed Federal Bureau of Investigation - FBI - in 1935) with the charge of restoring the agency's integrity and effectiveness.
19th May The Marx's brothers take New York by storm with a vaudeville revue called I'll Say She Is.
June U.S. Congress declares American Indians to be U.S. Citizens.
10th Sept Another 'Trial of the decade' with the Leopold and Loeb (aged 19 and 18) case, they were accused of murdering a 14 year old for sport. See 'Journalism'
2nd Nov Calvin Coolidge elected president.
7th Nov A stockmarket boom that began early in the deacde hits a 5 year high, with 2.33 million shares traded on the stock exchange.
9th Nov Nellie Ross in Wyoming elected first woman governor in U.S.; inaugurated 5th Jan 1925.
2nd Dec Scandal when the press reveal that Charlin Chaplin has married 16 year old Lita Grey.
2nd Feb A team of sled dogs, led by the husky Balto, race 650 miles with medicine to save the diptheria-ravaged citizens of isolated, snowed in Nome, Alaska. The story captivates the public.
16th Feb Floyd Collins, trapped for 18 days in Sand Cave in Kentucky, dies. A media circus surrounded the ongoing rescue effort, and supposedly repectable newspapers acted like tabloids with daily cliff-hanger updates. See 'Journalism'.
March Jonny Torrio leaves Chicago for New York and leaves control of the Chicago mob to Al Capone.
10th April F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby is published.
5th May The 'Scopes Monkey Trial'; another sensationalist trial who was arrested in Tennessee for teaching evolution in violation of state law, and was characterised by fiery oratory and venomous personal attacks. See 'Journalism'.
18th July First comphensive art Deco fair opens in Paris and was a showcase for the style that had a major impact on not only clothes by architecture and painting.
27th Feb Desperate Business Leaders in Chicago implore the U.S. Senate to investigate the city's gangland lawlessness.
7th April Report from New York estimates the value of alcohol bootlegging in the US at $3.6 billion.
May Fiery Evangalist Aimee Semple Macpherson mysteriously disappears. Weeks later she reappears claiming to have been abducted and tortured. Later speculation was that she was actually in hiding with a lover.
May Blind Lemon Jefferson, the most famous and popular bluesman of the twenties, makes his first record, "Long Lonesome Blues".
6th Aug Gertrude Ederle of the US becomes the first woman to swim the English Channel, a feat that earned her a New York Ticker Tape Parade.
31st October Magician/escape artist Harry Houdini dies in Detroit.
March- Games begins
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